Luxury and Executive Minibusses

Looking to hire a minibus in Birmingham? AFJ provides the best range of Luxury and Executive Minibusses. We can give you transportation service for different purposes like

  • Weddings
  • Business Trips
  • Holidays
  • Night outs

We can be in your service for any need, want an executive minibus or a luxury minibus service.

Our Minibus hire service let you appreciate your visit without stressing over anything! We will be with you at once and without any trouble, Everything we offer is cared for deliberately, once you get our service, you’re our obligation. We give enormous space to your baggage as well and our mode of transportation is completely moderate and measured for your security painstakingly.
With properly licensed and qualified drivers. According to your event and occasion you can hire minibusses according to your needs. The minibusses are furnished with the most recent equipments and technology.

Environmental responsibility

We believe that together we can make a serious contribution to our environment. This will enable future generations to enjoy the planet we live in.

Please take into consideration the following when driving your vehicle.

All cars on the road today contribute to climate change because their engines burn fuel and therefore produce carbon dioxide (CO2) every time we drive.

Yet you can easily reduce these emissions and save money too. By following a few simple tips and suggestions you can reduce your engine’s workload, which means it will burn less fuel and produce less CO2.

1)Before you set off – Pump up your tyres
Under-inflated tyres create more resistance when your car is moving. That means your engine has to work harder, so more fuel is used and more CO2 emissions are produced. Check and adjust your tyre pressures regularly and also before long journeys. This will also help to increase the life of your tyres.
Under-inflated tyres increase CO2 but over inflated tyres can be unsafe, so check your car manual for the correct tyre pressure. Remember, a car with a heavier load may need different air pressure in the tyres.

2)Clear out any extra weight
Clutter in your boot is extra weight your engine has to carry around. By removing it, you could reduce your engine’s workload. Remove roof racks and carriers when not in use to reduce the drag factor as this too will mean you burn less fuel and so cut your CO2 emissions.

3)Have your vehicle serviced regularly
An under-serviced engine may have to work harder as it’s less likely to be operating at its optimum efficiency. This can be inefficient, which can reduce fuel economy. Service requirements can vary from car to car so do check the manufacturer’s recommendations for servicing in the owner’s manual supplied with the vehicle or with the vehicle manufacturer.

4)Drive at an appropriate speed
Driving above the speed limit is illegal, but also means you use more fuel, and emit more CO2. Staying within the 70mph speed limit on motorways can bring savings of around 10% for your fuel bill compared to driving at 80mph.

5)Speed up and slow down smoothly
Every time you stop then start again in a traffic queue, the engine uses more fuel and therefore produces more CO2. Keep an eye on the traffic ahead and slow down early by gently lifting your foot off the accelerator while keeping the car in gear.

6)Change gears at lower revs
Revving does not help to warm up a modern car engine or improve its performance. In fact, over revving simply wastes fuel and increases engine wear. Using your gears wisely by changing up a little earlier can reduce revs, and so reduce fuel usage. If you drive a diesel car, try changing up a gear when the rev counter reaches 2000rpm. For a petrol car, change up at 2500rpm.

7)Avoid leaving your engine running
When the engine is idling you’re wasting fuel and adding to CO2 emissions. If you’re likely to be at a standstill for more than three minutes, simply switch off the engine.

8)Don’t use air conditioning unless you really need it
Using your air conditioning can increase your fuel consumption so keep usage to a minimum to save on fuel and CO2 emissions. At speeds above 50-60mph it is generally more efficient to keep windows closed, even if this means using the aircon, as open windows will increase drag.

Patient Transport Service

Patient Transport Services Birmingham

We provide a range of patient transport services, transferring patients to a wide range of non-emergency medical appointments such as admissions/discharges from/to Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and other medical facilities. We are available 24/7 365 days.

All of our patient transport services, vehicles are fully insured; wheelchair or stretcher access and our drivers are fully trained and experienced in providing this type of service.

AFJ Patient Transport services provides Ambulances for patients with various mobility and medical needs including-
Stretcher patients, carry-chair patients, wheelchair patients and walk-on patients.

We also provide specialist services such as:

  • Standard out-patient appointments
  • Night cover & weekend hospital discharge cover
  • Ad-hoc journeys or specific journeys not covered within a contract
  • Dialysis patients
  • Hospital Transfers
  • Care Home/Nursing Home Transfers

We started our patient transport services in early 2009 and within a short period of time are recognised by various NHS Trusts as a quality patient transport service provider, passing all SLA (service level agreements) with flying colours. We are CQC registered and fully compliant.

Whether you require patient transport services for patients who are walkers, wheelchair users or require stretcher vehicles, we have the ability to provide a complete service for you.

With our in house training facilities, we train all of our patient transport services crew to a high standard in;

All of our patient transport services ambulances are built by our in-house conversion team and certified by VOSA. Our patient transport service ambulances are built for patient safety, hygiene and comfort.

We are the only patient transport services provider in the UK that employs the staff to convert our own ambulances, which gives us the ability not only to have our ambulances built within the time allocated but are also kept to a high standard by our experienced staff while working for you.

All of our PTS ambulances carry the following items,

  • Wheelchair
  • First Aid box
  • Anti bacterial disposable wipes
  • Vomit bowls
  • Clean disposable beakers
  • Fire extinguisher * 2
  • Incontinence sheets
  • Infection control spill kit
  • Alcohol gel/Hand Sanitizer
  • Disposable Gloves, & Aprons
  • Urine Bottles
  • Carry Chairs/Stretchers (Stretcher vehicles and 2 Man crews only)

The regular complaints we hear from trusts are;
Time keeping; patients being brought in late which has a knock on effect for all other patients.

We at AFJ are so sure about our patient transport services time keeping that we happily willing to put financial penalties for us if we do not adhere to times*

Cleanliness of vehicles; Vehicles look like they have not been washed or cleaned in weeks, dirty with smelly odours.

All of our patient transport services vehicles are cleaned at the end of each shift with a deep clean once a week. If there are unseen circumstances we provide a replacement vehicle to continue with the rest of journeys.

Flexibility of drivers and office staff is not there;

We at AFJ Limited patient transport services believe in high ethics and total client commitment. Our staff are trained to be understanding and highly flexible to our patient care and service needs.

Complaints handling and monitoring procedures; complaints are made but nothing is done about them. there is no main point of contact

Our complaints are dealt with by our complaints manager within 48 hours with a written report to the client manager/patient.

Cost effective prices; Prices are so high and not consistent.

Our prices stay the same all year round regardless of day/night, bank holidays, Christmas holidays, Easter holidays, or during severe weather, as we believe in keeping our prices competitive and consistent all year round.

Data protection; Sensitive information is left on plain view inside open vehicles.

AFJ follows the data protection act and strictly adhere to it.

We would like to thank you for looking through our patient transport services page and welcome any comments or queries you may have.

We are proud members of the following organizations.

Vehicle Conversion

At AFJ vehicle conversion we specialize in the conversion of vehicles to luxury minibuses, wheelchair access vehicles and ambulances.

We started vehicles conversions in 2009 and since have been converting vehicles for owner drivers to major organizations. All vehicles are converted to VOSA standard. We take pride in the end result of our conversions so you can be assured of our finish.

Our vehicle conversion service is capable of serving all of the major makes such as Mercedes, VW, Ford, Renault, LDV, Toyota Hi ace and much more. If you are looking for a competitive quote AFJ vehicle conversions are the best in the market.

Wheelchair Access Vehicle Conversions

These vehicles are converted with both inboard and under floor wheelchair lifts. Catering for a maximum of 4 wheelchairs plus 4 sitters or can also be used for 16 sitters depending on the wheelchair lift you have chosen. The wheelchair access vehicles have seats, which can be easily taken out to make space for wheelchair passengers.

Ambulance Vehicle Conversions

The ambulances we convert at AFJ have all wipe clean surfaces with infection prevention and control in mind. The vehicles have ramps wheelchair lifts depending on your choice. Vehicles are converted with the customer needs in mind so depending on what kind of patients the vehicles are being used for the design differs slightly.

Luxury Vehicle Conversions

In our luxury vehicle conversion range, the vehicle are kitted out with all the latest gadgets ie laptop chargers, tables, reclining leather seats, central heating, air conditioning, individual reading lights, surround sound system, coffee machine, fridge, double glazed windows, power front door entrance and much more.

Based in the heart of England we are accessible from all parts of the country and are able to provide our vehicle conversion service anywhere in the country.


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