Luxury Minibus Hire & Luxury Minicoach Hire in Birmingham

Luxury Minibus hire & Luxury Minicoach hire services in Birmingham is provided by AFJ. No matter what you might need a Luxury minibus and Minicoach hire for we have something for everyone! We take absolute pride in our service and the quality that we offer to everyone who comes to Luxury minibus and Luxury Minicoach hire. Our business is family owned and operated which means the closeness of family is passed on to everyone who climbs into our fleet of minibuses. We cater to local groups, event planners and even offer 3 year contracts for the Government! We can also cater to everything in between as well, including nights out where you have a group of friends or family who want to go out on the town and have a good time without having to worry about drunk driving or trying to get a cab or minibus hire with driver. We take good care of all of our minibuses which means regular maintenance both under the hood and inside the minibus. We keep everything clean and tidy inside and out so that everyone can feel comfortable and at ease during their travels.

The largest minibus that we offer for Luxury minibus hire is a 16 seat minibus and it’s a beautiful roomy minibus; It has high backed seats which have seat belts to keep everyone safe and secure during the ride. Beautiful wide windows that show off all the scenery that’s going by, either in the city lights or out in the beautiful country you won’t be disappointed. We have racks on each of the minibuses so people can bring along shopping or souvenirs as they travel through the day. We have matching interiors so it’s pleasing to the eyes, no one wants to ride in a Luxury minibus hire where it smells of the night before, or is ripped and torn in any place.

We take wonderful care of all of our fleet and that’s passed on to our customers because we feel it’s important to not only look well but smell good as well. We have anti-slip floors on each of our minibuses so no matter what kind of mobility issues someone has they can feel safe and secure getting on and off the minibus. We also offer a wonderful under bus wheelchair lift so that getting a wheelchair in and out of the vehicle is as easy as pushing a button. The seats inside come out at basically the touch of a button as well because of a quick release system in the floor and all of our Luxury minibus hire fleet.

Safety is number one in our books, so having a Luxury minibus hire means that you get a fully equipped first aid kit and also a fire extinguisher as well. We take pride in the fact that we are ready for everything. Our drivers have MANY years of experience behind them and that means they too are ready for whatever comes their way. They are friendly, easy going and make the trip that you are going to take a memorable one. Each of our drivers is well dressed, polite and courteous and we think that’s very important to a Luxury minibus hire! So we’ve taken the guess work out of transportation. It should not be about anything else than what you and your group of friends, co-workers, family or clients want to do. We have made sure that with each Luxury minibus and Luxury Minicoach hire you get to where you are going but you get there with class, style and a good feeling of well-being. We have really taken the time to ensure that everyone can do and feel as good as they can with each Luxury minibus hire! We are the largest Minibus transport company in Birmingham. So contact with us to get your services.

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